For management and legal advice in the life of the Communities

For less than 23 euros per month, including VAT and a single annual payment of 265 euros, the Owners’ Association, Foundation or Union (“CAFS”) you head, you are permanently advised by our lawyers. If the “CAFS” need to go to court, we will apply fees subsidized by being associated JUVIAM.

This plan covers:

  • Consulting in all legal fields, including online and telephone consultations to UNLIMITED Legal Team JUVIAM
  • Advice on your tax, accounting and labor obligations. We are not your manager, but resolve any questions you have regarding the administrative obligations that will require legislation to develop your business.
  • Study and proposal on the judicial claim
  • 2 burofaxs per Plan hired any organization or individual
  • Acts of Reconciliation Accompanying
  • 1 visit your nearest location to your lawyer before any judicial matter requiring
  • First pleading against any administrative penalty when you look immersed
  • Negotiations with any creditor, whether public or private, if you’re in a debtor position.
  • Study of any documentation that concerns you, and advice about

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