To assist individuals with their legal needs

For less than 11 euros per month VAT included, in a single annual payment of 125 euros, we will advise you on your legal problems: inheritance, divorce, leases, claims … If you need to go to court you apply fees Associate subsidized JUVIAM

This plan covers:

  • Consulting in all legal fields, including online and telephone consultations to UNLIMITED Legal Team JUVIAM
  • Study and proposal on the judicial claim
  • 2 burofaxs per Plan hired any organization or individual
  • Presentation of Ballots Conciliation
  • 1 visit your nearest location to your lawyer before any judicial matter requiring
  • First pleading against any administrative penalty when you look immersed
  • Negotiations with any creditor, whether public or private, if you’re in a debtor position.
  • Study of any documentation that concerns you, and advice about

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For less than


IVA incl.

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